Arun Singh  (Managing Director)

Message From MD

Welcome to DCS PG College. You have just embarked on a journey of discovery and revelation, a journey that is as much about you as it is about the larger world that you inhabit. Here in DCS, embraced by its natural beauty. you will find the space where you can explore, express, and realize yourself.

The College with its infrastructure and facilities is at your disposal to help you grow and develop, to enable yourselves and become independent and confident Student who can take on the world on their terms. Its accomplished faculty and friendly support staff will encourage you to claim the College as your special world, one that you will treasure and carry with you always.

DCS PG College is about you. You are at the center of its vision: a vision which upholds the values of equality and harmony, while it continues to mainstream the marginalized, even as it pursues the goals of academic excellence. Come, let us walk that exciting path together.

With best wishes

Arun Singh